Please note that the registration and abstract deadline is December 09, 2022.

Important dates

The winterschool will be conducted from March 18 to March 24, 2023
at the Hotel Sonnalp in Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria. 

If you would like to apply for participation, you will need to create an account on our website.

The Winterschool lasts from Saturday afternoon, March 18, to Friday morning, March 24. There will be an informal reception party on Saturday, March 18, starting around 9 pm. If you arrive in time you can have dinner at the Hotel Sonnalp before the reception party. The scientific program starts on Sunday (March 19) morning and ends on Thursday (March 23) evening. Departure is on Friday (March 24) after breakfast.

Conference program

You can find the current program of the IWEPNM 2023 here.

Abstract book

You can find a PDF with the abstract book here

Program committee

E. Andrei (US) H. Kuzmany (AT) J. Robertson (UK)
A. Bachtold (ES) Y. H. Lee (KR) S. Roth (DE)
H. M. Cheng (CN) Y. Li (CN) P. Rudolf (NL)
J. Fink (DE) A. Loiseau (FR) C. Schönenberger (CH)
L. Forro (CH) S. Maruyama (JP) P. Sheng (CN)
M. Fuhrer (AU) J. Maultzsch (DE) F. Simon (HU)
M. Glazov (RU) F. Mauri (IT) C. Stampfer (DE)
R. Gorbachev (UK) G. Mele (US) M. Strano (US)
I. Grigorieva (UK) K. S. Novoselov (UK) K. Suenaga (JP)
T. F. Heinz (US) E. Obraztsova (RU) A. Swan (US)
A. Hirsch (DE) A. Penicaud (FR) C. Voisin (FR)
A. Jorio (BR) Th. Pichler (AT) J. Zaumseil (DE)
H. Kataura (JP) M. Prato (IT) A. Zettl (US)
R. Krupke (DE) S. Reich (DE)

Invited Speakers

G. Abellan (Valencia, ES) R. Krupke (Karlsruhe, DE)
F. Alijani (Delft, NL) N. Leisgang (Cambridge, US)
P. Ayala (Vienna, AT) F. Libisch (Vienna, AT)
A. Boghossian (Lausanne, CH) A. Loiseau (Chatillon, FR)
K. Bolotin (Berlin, DE) X. Ma (Evanston, US)
G. Cassabois (Montpellier, FR) J. Mangeney (Paris, FR)
H. Cheng (Shenzen, CN) A. Mannix (Stanford, US)
L. Cognet (Bordeaux, FR) S. Maruyama (Tokyo, JP)
H. Deng (Ann Arbor, US) F. Mauri (Rome, IT)
C. Draxl (Berlin, DE) K. Nielsch (Dresden, DE)
C. Felser (Dresden, DE) R. Ribeiro (Saclay, FR)
X. Feng (Dresden, DE) A. Rubio (Hamburg, DE)
B. Flavel (Karlsruhe, DE) C. Schönenberger (Basel, CH)
E. Gaufres (Bordeaux, FR) L. Schue (Montreal, CA)
G. Gordeev (Luxembourg, LU) V. Skakalova (Bratislava, SK)
S. Haigh (Manchester, UK) L. Tailpied (Chatillon, FR)
T. Heine (Dresden, DE) M. Tschudin (Basel, CH)
T. Heinz (Stanford, US) E. Vazquez (Ciudad Real, ES)
S. Ilani (Rehovot, IL) D. Voiry (Montpellier, FR)
A. Jorio (Belo Horizonte, BR) L. Waldecker (Aachen, DE)
A. Knothe (Regensburg, DE) T. Wei (Erlangen, DE)
T. Korn (Rostock, DE) T. Weitz (Göttingen, DE)

* speakers whose attendance has yet to be confirmed

We greatly acknowledge sponsoring contributions from