The IWEPNM 2014 took place from March 08 to March 15, 2014. These pages are being retained for historical purposes.


Please have a look at our announcements for the IWEPNM 2014:

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IWEPNM 2014 Proceedings  


The winterschool will provide a platform for reviewing and discussing new developments in the field of electronic properties of molecular nanostructures and their applications.

The scope of the winterschool covers experimental and theoretical work in the following fields:

  • materials science of graphene and nanographene
  • carbon nanotube / graphene optics and electronics
  • carbon nanotube / graphene growth and selection
  • novel two-dimensional materials
  • applications of molecular nanostructures
  • theory of molecular nanostructures
  • biomolecule physics and applications
  • nanostructure spintronics
  • single-molecule expertiments

Theoretical and experimental contributions from research work in this new field of materials science are welcome.

Tutorials, research lectures and poster presentations will be scheduled for morning and evening sessions. The afternoon will be free for mini workshops, special tutorials and private discussions.

Accommodation and Fees

General information about accommodation at the winterschool and a description of available hotel categories can be found on our <link 36 - internal-link "Opens internal link in current window">page about the conference location</link>.

In 2013, the fees for accommodation, including breakfast and dinner, the conference publication, and the contribution for participation (which amounts to 450€) are: