Important dates

Unfortunately, the current state of the coronavirus pandemic does not allow an onsite meeting like ours in March 2021. Therefore, we shift the IWEPNM 2021 to late summer, hoping that the current wave of the pandemic has decreased by then. The new dates are 29 Aug. - 4 Sept. 2021. Our current plans are for the same settings as described before: 100 participants, mainly on-site talks plus some video presentations, and on-site only poster presentations.

If you have registered for the IWEPNM 2021 already, you do not have to register again. In this case, please reply to this email, stating that you would like to participate at the new dates (29 Aug. - 4 Sept. 2021). If we do not receive an email by 15th Feb. 2021, we will cancel your registration.

We will send a new announcement in March and afterwards open the registration again for everyone who would like to participate.

We would very much like to have a Kirchberg meeting this year and hope that it can take place at the end of August and beginning of September.


Our mission is to give a broad overview over the physics and chemistry of carbon nanostructures, two-dimensional materials and topological systems through a series of invited talks and contributed poster presentations.

The scope of the winterschool covers experimental and theoretical work in the following fields:

  • materials science of graphene, nanographene, and carbon nanotubes
  • novel two-dimensional materials
  • optics, electronics, growth, and selection of carbon nanotubes and graphene
  • theory of novel materials
  • applications of novel materials
  • nanostructure spintronics
  • topological materials
  • plasmonic nanostructures
  • single-molecule experiments

Program committee

E. Andrei (US) H. Kuzmany (AT) J. Robertson (UK)
A. Bachtold (ES) Y. H. Lee (KR) S. Roth (DE)
H. M. Cheng (CN) Y. Li (CN) P. Rudolf (NL)
J. Fink (DE) A. Loiseau (FR) C. Schönenberger (CH)
L. Forro (CH) S. Maruyama (JP) P. Sheng (CN)
M. Fuhrer (AU) J. Maultzsch (DE) F. Simon (HU)
M. Glazov (RU) F. Mauri (IT) C. Stampfer (DE)
R. Gorbachev (UK) G. Mele (US) M. Strano (US)
I. Grigorieva (UK) K. S. Novoselov (UK) K. Suenaga (JP)
T. F. Heinz (US) E. Obraztsova (RU) A. Swan (US)
A. Hirsch (DE) A. Penicaud (FR) C. Voisin (FR)
A. Jorio (BR) Th. Pichler (AT) J. Zaumseil (DE)
H. Kataura (JP) M. Prato (IT) A. Zettl (US)
R. Krupke (DE) S. Reich (DE)

Invited Speakers

G. Abellan (Valencia, ES) K. Kaiser (Zurich, CH)
P. Ayala (Vienna, AT) P. Kim (Cambridge, US)
A. Bachtold (Barcelona, ES) E. Li (Austin, US)
K. Bolotin (Berlin, DE) A. Loiseau (Palaiseau, FR)
G. Borin-Barin (Dübendorf, CH) S. Louie (Berkeley, US)
V. Bouchiat (Grenoble, FR) M. Lozada-Hidalgo (Manchester, UK)
G. Cassabois (Montpellier, FR) S. Maruyama (Tokyo, JP)
L. Cognet (Bordeaux, FR) F. Mauri (Rome, IT)
C. Draxl (Berlin, DE) A. McDonald (Austin, US)
X. Feng (Dresden, DE) B. Özyilmaz (Singapore, SG)*
E. Gaufres (Bordeaux, FR) W. Ren (Shenyang, CN)*
M. Glazov (St. Petersburg, RU) R. Ribeiro-Palau (Saclay, FR)
G. Gordeev (Berlin, DE) J. Shan (Ithaca, US)
A. Grüneis (Cologne, DE) F. Simon (Budapest, HU)
M. Guimares (Groningen, NL) J. Smet (Stuttgart, DE)
M. Hersam (Evanston, US) S. Strauf (Hoboken, US)*
A. Imamoglou (Zurich, CH) L. Waldecker (Stanford / Aachen, US / DE)
A. Jorio (Belo Horizonte, BR) H. Weber (Erlangen, DE)
S. Jung (Didcot, UK) A. Young (Santa Barbara, US)
U. Kaiser (Ulm, DE)

* speakers whose attendance has yet to be confirmed