IWEPNM in Kirchberg postponed to 2022

We would like to inform you that unfortunately we need to postpone this year's IWEPNM in Kirchberg (planned from 29th Aug. to 4th Sept. 2021) to next year 2022. The current pandemic situation still does not allow us to keep up our initial plans for an on-site meeting with ~100 participants from Europe and overseas.

We very much regret that we miss out our meeting in Kirchberg this year, with all the inspiring scientific discussions, talks, poster sessions, and mini-workshops! Therefore, we hope to see many of you in person in 2022 at the IWEPNM in Kirchberg again. We are planning to announce the dates for 2022 later this year, when we feel confident that the IWEPNM meeting can take place in a safe environment.

Program committee

E. Andrei (US) H. Kuzmany (AT) J. Robertson (UK)
A. Bachtold (ES) Y. H. Lee (KR) S. Roth (DE)
H. M. Cheng (CN) Y. Li (CN) P. Rudolf (NL)
J. Fink (DE) A. Loiseau (FR) C. Schönenberger (CH)
L. Forro (CH) S. Maruyama (JP) P. Sheng (CN)
M. Fuhrer (AU) J. Maultzsch (DE) F. Simon (HU)
M. Glazov (RU) F. Mauri (IT) C. Stampfer (DE)
R. Gorbachev (UK) G. Mele (US) M. Strano (US)
I. Grigorieva (UK) K. S. Novoselov (UK) K. Suenaga (JP)
T. F. Heinz (US) E. Obraztsova (RU) A. Swan (US)
A. Hirsch (DE) A. Penicaud (FR) C. Voisin (FR)
A. Jorio (BR) Th. Pichler (AT) J. Zaumseil (DE)
H. Kataura (JP) M. Prato (IT) A. Zettl (US)
R. Krupke (DE) S. Reich (DE)

Invited Speakers

G. Abellan (Valencia, ES) K. Kaiser (Zurich, CH)
P. Ayala (Vienna, AT) P. Kim (Cambridge, US)
A. Bachtold (Barcelona, ES) E. Li (Austin, US)
K. Bolotin (Berlin, DE) A. Loiseau (Palaiseau, FR)
G. Borin-Barin (Dübendorf, CH) S. Louie (Berkeley, US)
V. Bouchiat (Grenoble, FR) M. Lozada-Hidalgo (Manchester, UK)
G. Cassabois (Montpellier, FR) S. Maruyama (Tokyo, JP)
L. Cognet (Bordeaux, FR) F. Mauri (Rome, IT)
C. Draxl (Berlin, DE) A. McDonald (Austin, US)
X. Feng (Dresden, DE) B. Özyilmaz (Singapore, SG)*
E. Gaufres (Bordeaux, FR) W. Ren (Shenyang, CN)*
M. Glazov (St. Petersburg, RU) R. Ribeiro-Palau (Saclay, FR)
G. Gordeev (Berlin, DE) J. Shan (Ithaca, US)
A. Grüneis (Cologne, DE) F. Simon (Budapest, HU)
M. Guimares (Groningen, NL) J. Smet (Stuttgart, DE)
M. Hersam (Evanston, US) S. Strauf (Hoboken, US)*
A. Imamoglou (Zurich, CH) L. Waldecker (Stanford / Aachen, US / DE)
A. Jorio (Belo Horizonte, BR) H. Weber (Erlangen, DE)
S. Jung (Didcot, UK) A. Young (Santa Barbara, US)
U. Kaiser (Ulm, DE)

* speakers whose attendance has yet to be confirmed