First Announcement

March 04 - March 11, 2017

Hotel Sonnalp - Kirchberg in Tirol - Austria


Program committee

E. Andrei (US) Y. H. Lee (KR) S. Roth (DE)
A. Bachtold (ES) A. Loiseau (FR) A. Rubio (ES)
H. M. Cheng (CN) J. Maultzsch (DE) P. Rudolf (NL)
P. Dinse (DE) F. Mauri (FR) C. Schönenberger (CH)
M. Dresselhaus (US) G. Mele (US) P. Sheng (CN)
L. Forro (CH) K. S. Novoselov (UK) N. Shinohara (JP)
M. Fuhrer (AU) E. Obraztsova (RU) F. Simon (HU)
T. F. Heinz (US) A. Penicaud (FR) C. Stampfer (DE)
A. Hirsch (DE) Th. Pichler (AT) C. Thomsen (DE)
A. Jorio (BR) M. Prato (IT) A. Zettl (US)
H. Kataura (JP) S. Reich (DE)
H. Kuzmany (AT) J. Robertson (UK)

Time and Location

The XXXIst winterschool will be conducted from March 04 to March 11, 2017 at the Hotel Sonnalp in Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria. All participants of the winterschool will be accommodated in the hotel or in nearby hotels/private houses. Dinner will be served for all participants at the hotel. The Hotel Sonnalp is a modern, Tyrolean style building with a very cosy atmosphere, a big lecture room and several special installations like indoor swimming pool, sauna, solarium, etc. for your recreation.